boardroom_roundedCosta Law Firm’s wide range of practice areas means you can access the expertise and resources required to address all your legal needs at one convenient location.  As a result, we can save you time and money.  Please browse our varied services (listed on the left).

Cost Effective Solutions

At every turn, our firm will endeavour to keep the legal fees that you provide reasonable and cost effective.  If appropriate, we can perform certain services based on an “all in” block fee (such as with standard residential real estate transactions).  In this way you will be able to budget and limit your risk of legal cost exposure.  We also make use of up to date software to assist our lawyers in performing their legal tasks.  We have access to Legal Link to obtain NUANS searches and the Terranet Registry System, we subscribe to Quick Law to perform legal research for you, and we will use the Internet to effectively communicate with you in order to cut down on mailing, printing and fax costs.  Our firm also utilizes paralegals and law clerks.