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Court cases, like most things in life, are not always clear-cut. It is sometimes easy to make assumptions about people and pass judgment without hearing the whole story. Snap judgments can be dangerous, especially if they place you on the wrong side of the law.

Innocent until proven guilty is an important sentiment for us to hold, especially in court cases. Snap judgments can hurt innocent people, and this is particularly true with the law. Take a look at this court case, which exemplifies the importance of the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

As we saw in part one of our blog, police officers can make mistakes and having a great legal team can ensure that the law is on your side. This case demonstrates how snap judgments, insufficient evidence and unfair treatment can blur the line of justice and how we at Costa Law Firm work to […]

As highly trained and hardworking as police officers are, they aren’t exempt from human error. So what happens when these human errors threaten the freedom or infringe on the rights of citizens? This case demonstrates how snap judgments, insufficient evidence and unfair treatment can blur the line of justice and how we at Costa Law […]

When stopped by the police, an individual is under no obligation to provide any information and can simply choose to walk away.  Section 9 of Canada’s statutory declaration of fundamental rights known as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms enshrines the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned, and protects the individual from […]

There is no gain in delaying the preparation of both your will and powers of attorney done.  Rather, you have potentially everything to lose by not getting these documents done as soon as possible. In general terms, estate planning gives you the security of knowing that your wishes will be respected.  Through your recorded decisions […]

While driving a motor vehicle brings about greater freedom and mobility, one cannot forget the responsibilities that come with such a privilege.  It is important to know the transportation laws that affect us (whether it concerns a car, truck, or motorcycle, etc.), or while commuting to work, school or the long drive to the cottage.  […]

f you (a) own property or any other valuables, (b) have children, and/or (c) run a business, then a will is necessary for your estate plan.  A will is a written instrument that directs what happens to your assets upon death.  A person who gives directions on the will is known as a testator (in […]

Congratulations on deciding to start your own business!  You will need to choose your method of carrying on a business.  Here we address three potential business vehicles to consider depending on your needs:  (i) Sole Proprietorship, (ii) Partnership, and (iii) Incorporation. SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP The Sole Proprietorship is perhaps the easiest method of carrying on a […]