Don’t Settle for Less When Choosing a Lawyer

An uncertain future caused by trouble with the law can be a frightening prospect. Business transactions are detailed, complex, and can put your livelihood in jeopardy without the advice of someone you trust. When you are filing for divorce and discussing custody of your children, you want someone in your corner that will protect your rights and needs. Here at Costa Law Firm, our lawyers specialize in a number of legal areas to ensure that we can help you with any legal case.

Lawyers with Experience and Knowledge

We are a well-established, full-service law firm serving the people of Maple and surrounding areas. Our lawyers understand that every case is significant, and always listen to your opinions before making a collaborative decision about the future of your case.

Our lawyers have experience in several areas of the law.

  • Labour & Employment – Wrongful dismissal, human rights, collective bargaining
  • Insurance – Motor vehicle accident litigation, life insurance, WSIB benefits
  • Immigration – Citizenship applications, detention hearings, business applications
  • Business – Commercial leases, incorporations, secure transactions
  • Wills & Estates – Powers of Attorney, estate trustee applications, estate planning
  • Family – Annulments, custody disputes, child support
  • Real Estate – Acting for vendors, title searching, zoning
  • Civil Litigation – Personal injury, car accidents, product liability
  • Criminal Litigation – Assault, young offender matters, sexual assault, impaired driving, drug offences
  • Landlord & Tenant Law

These are just a few examples of the services we provide and the specifics of each service. If you have a specific legal concern, set up a free consultation with a lawyer from Costa Law Firm to discuss your case.

Our lawyers understand the complexity of the law, and know how to resolve your case favourably. With your help, we will secure your future and protect your rights.

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