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Over the years we have developed significant skills and knowledge in the area of Labour and Employment law. Our team of Labour and Employment lawyers has a deep understanding of the employer-employee relationship, and many years of experience with wrongful dismissals, workplace safety and insurance board issues, human rights issues, employment agreements, termination notice, constructive dismissal, and more. Here at Costa Law our attorneys are able to quickly assess any case, and provide timely and effective legal counsel to both employees and employers. Our Labor and Employment Group has had great success obtaining substantial monetary damages, and negotiating settlements for our clients. Costa Law approach every case with an eye toward bringing creative and innovative solutions to deliver the best results.

Labour and Employment Law

Labour and Employment Law, as the name suggests, is the body of law that governs and regulates the rights, restrictions, and obligations of employees and employers. In Canada, Labour and Employment Law is governed by both federal and provincial statutes, codes, and regulations. The Canada Labour Code is a federal code that controls labour standards in all the industries that fall under federal jurisdiction. In addition to the federal code, each province in Canada has it’s own employment standards which further regulate this area of law.


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