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Police Officers Make Mistakes Too, Part 2


As we saw in part one of our blog, police officers can make mistakes and having a great legal team can ensure that the law is on your side. This case demonstrates how snap judgments, insufficient evidence and unfair treatment can blur the line of justice and how we at Costa Law Firm work to make sure the truth is heard.

Case: Man Claims he was Beaten by a Cop

Case Summary: 21-year-old Jacob Poirier was spotted vomiting outside, standing by his car at a friend’s party. He claims that a police officer approached him, sprayed him with pepper spray and brutally beat him. The young man was charged with impaired driving and assault resisting arrest, both of which were later dropped.Mr. Poirier asserts that the way he was treated that night was inhumane, subjected him to severe pain and scrutiny.

Snap Judgments: The police officer responsible for Poirier’s arrest charged him for impaired driving when he was not even inside of a vehicle. Mr. Poirier says he was planning on spending the night at his friend’s house where he was found.

Insufficient evidence: The videotape from the mandatory surveillance camera in the station sally port would have offered insight into what actually happened that night. Poirier said, “I wish people could see that tape” so that his claims of abuse by the police officers could be validated. The tape was not disclosed and the officer failed to appear in court

Unfair Treatment: Poirier shared his traumatic experience, claiming he “was handcuffed and blinded because of the pepper spray” that he thought his “skin was going to fall off” and that when he tripped and fell over some steps the police officers “had a good laugh” at his expense. Poirier expressed his feelings of abuse and resentment for the events that took place and how he was unfairly treated.

*Disclaimer:  The information provided in this article is NOT legal advice but fundamental information to be further inquired upon professionally.  You should always consult with a qualified lawyer to obtain proper advice.

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